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Meet The Downs Family



     The Downs Family of Meredith is The Fitness Edge’s Spotlight Family. Adam and Michelle have been Fitness Edge members since our facility opened its doors over 16 years ago. They have been married for over 30 years and have a rich athletic and fitness history in the Meredith area. They have four children: Stephanie, age 26, is married to Alex and they have a one year old son named Noah, Evan, age 24, Amanda, age 20, and Madison, age 18 are all Tilton School graduates and active members of The Fitness Edge.

     Adam and Michelle and all four of their children have very impressive athletic resumes. Michelle played field hockey, basketball and track during her high school sports career. Adam was involved with Nordic ski, downhill skiing and soccer. Both Mom and Dad were supportive of their kids by coaching various youth teams. Stephanie, a Rollins College graduate, played soccer, basketball, and is currently a Barre instructor at The Fitness Edge. Evan, a Merrimack College graduate, was active in soccer, weight training, and many intramurals. He also played college rugby. Amanda, a junior at Plymouth State University, was a soccer and lacrosse player in high school and plays lacrosse at Plymouth State. Madison, the youngest family member, participated in soccer, basketball and lacrosse in high school and attends the University of Tampa. All the children played indoor soccer in the winter months.

     This close knit family truly enjoys the four seasons of New Hampshire. Boating, biking, hiking, and snow skiing are how the Downs’ spend their family time.

     Michelle and Adam usually arrive at the gym around 5a.m. to participate in the 5:30 cycling class three times a week and twice a week take Boot camp and Total Body Strength with Liz Littell. The family philosophy is to be active and enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

   Adam and Michelle have listed a future goal of completing all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4000 footers and reports they have completed 18 thus far!!!