Performance Testing

Do you want to get stronger, bigger or faster with a workout program designed specifically for your biomechanics and physiological make up? A performance profile will improve anyone’s personal fitness and fine tune any elite athlete. Get performance tested by one of the top certified coaches and trainers available.

Tom B. has worked at the Olympic Training Center for both the USA Triathalon and Swim teams. His performance testing package includes:

Ventilatory Testing
VO2 Max Testing
Lactate Threshold Testing
Biomechanical Efficiency Training: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Lifting and Agility
Nutritional Counseling
Personalized, Daily Workouts
A Complete Portfolio

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Break through plateaus by focusing on aspects missing in your current routine. Eliminate the guess work by training with a program tailored to your abilities.

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Who is Tom B.?: Tom B. has over 20 years of experience coaching and training athletes from the high school to professional level. Elite certified by USA Cycling, Olympic Trainer and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tom offers members the unique opportunity to be tested and trained like an Olympian. Learn more about Tom B. by visiting his profile page here.

Contact Tom B. at (603) 279-0411 or and get tested today!

Cost: $125.00 per member.