Personal Training

Take Your Workout to the Edge

Personal Trainer:  [pur-suh-nl] [trey-ner]

A certified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, educational background and diagnostic know-how to design an individualized exercise program to help you reach your goal in the shortest time possible.



A trainer will help you develop the incentive to stick to your exercise plan knowing that you need to exercise regularly and make each session count. 


A Trainer will teach you correct form, which will maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and minimize the chance of injury. As your fitness improves, your trainer will fine-tune your program to meet your changing needs and make sure you continue to get results.


No time to exercise? You and your trainer can figure out a schedule that will work for you. Together, you can brainstorm ways to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

Injury Rehabilitation:

Injuries & accidents can prevent you from participating in your favorite activities. An experienced trainer can make the road to recovery a smooth one by recommending exercises that emphasize overall muscular balance to prevent future injuries.

Special-Needs Training:

Research confirms that individuals with health challenges such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis or heart disease benefit greatly from regular physical activity. These conditions can make exercising safely a challenge. We have trainers that are experienced in designing programs that address the special needs of these and other conditions.


We have Personal Training packages to fit everyone’s needs. Please contact our front desk at 603-279-0411 to learn more about our one-on-one training packages, options and availability. We encourage you to Find A Trainer and determine who you might be most interested in training with.

Also be sure to visit our Paid Programs for ongoing, group training programs. If you want to train as a couple or create a training group of your own, we can help. 

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