Ballroom Dancing

Come to our Monthly Social Dance, held the first Saturday of every month from 7pm to 10pm. This event is open to the public, and we invite all members as well as non-members to take advantage of our spacious 1,350 square foot studio. If you are not quite ready for social dancing, enroll in Private Lessons or Group Instruction which is also offered at The Fitness Edge. 

Judy Hernandez, the owner of Love, Laugh and Ballroom Dance, has nearly 2 decades of experience in both American Smooth/Rhythm and International Latin styles. As your instructor, Judy will focus on developing your style, technique, frame and overall social, dancing skills. Judy says, “Whether you think you have two left feet, or you want to polish your dancing skills, I can help.” She is a former Amateur Pro/AM International US Dance Sport Champion, collecting many NDCA (National Dance Council of America) competition titles. With her extensive competitive background, she brings dancing with the stars to the streets of Meredith.

Ballroom Dancing is a Non-Member activity provided at extra cost by Love, Laugh and Ballroom Dance

Inquiries should be made to Judy Hernandez at 603-937-0113 or

What Should You Wear to Ballroom Dance Lessons?
Wear shoes that allow you to glide around the dance floor. Suede or leather soles are best. If you don't have leather soled shoes, a pair of dress shoes will do. Avoid athletic shoes. Rubber tends to grip the dance floor, which could damage your knees or ankles. If you are preparing for your wedding dance, wear shoes most similar to what you intend to wear for the big day. Shoes must be secure to your feet. This goes for both men and ladies.

Please wear clothes you can move in comfortably, anything too tight that may restrict your movements. For men, "business casual", a shirt and nice pants are preferred. Bring a change of shirt if you are prone to sweating. For women, something loose and flowing that allows you to take large steps backward and forward, as you follow your partner's lead is recommended.

Lastly, please pay attention to personal hygiene. You will be dancing closely with multiple partners. Avoid strong colognes and perfumes and keep breath mints available.

Ballroom Dancing is a Non-Member activity at extra cost provided by Love Laugh Ballroom Dance Center. Inquiries should be made to Judy Hernandez 603.937.0113


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