Core Fusion/ Barre

What is Core Fusion and Barre?

- Your instructor will circulate the room correcting form and posture so you get the most out of each exercise.  Core Fusion and Barre is a low- impact workout done by many shapes, sizes and ages. And no, it is not just for women. Both are a high –intensity workout that do not put excessive strain on your joints, and these classes are one of the fastest, most effective ways to tone and shape your body. Students typically see results when routinely taking 3 to 4 classes per week. No dance experience required!  Class size is limited to 27 people.   Sign-up is first come, first served.

What are the Benefits of Core Fusion and Barre?– Benefits include the loss of excess body fat, increased flexibility, and strength. Pilates works the small supportive muscles in your body, with a style of exercise called isometrics.  This improves your stability and balance as well. Barre moves are great for targeting all aspects of your lower and upper body.  The positions and movements are simple, but it's how deep you work into them that will make all the difference.

What to Bring: You should wear leggings or capris that are comfortable. Please, no shorts, and select a top that covers your midriff. Socks are optional, but some people may choose to wear dance slippers or dance bare footed. We have all the equipment you will need, so just bring a bottle of water and a positive attitude. You will never experience the same class twice, as our instructors work to keep things fresh with new music and choreography.

Fitness Level: Adaptive to all levels. Beginners Welcome! Geared toward all fitness levels. No dance experience required.

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