Oula Dance

What is Oula Dance?- OULA is an easy to learn, high cardio, dance fitness class for all levels and abilities. It is a motivating hour of high-energy exercise. Enjoy great music, feel free to let it all out, and dance free of judgement. OULA is not just an exercise. It's an experience! We welcome you whether you are looking to burn calories, feel better about yourself or just add spunk to your day. OULA is dancemania for your soul. instructors have extensive dance experience. Enjoy great music with easy to learn moves. No dance experience required.

What are the Benefits of Oula Dance?- Dancers exhibit some of the best balance and coordination when compared to other athletes. Dancing offers a huge calorie burn, total body toning and stress relief. Experienced students come back again and again due to the great social aspect of the classes. Sessions are fun and exciting. It has been said, “It feels more like a party than a workout, and the time flies by.”

What to Bring: 

Soft dance sneakers or athletic shoes, bandannas and hair ties are good for keeping your hair back. Stick with cropped pants or looser yoga pants that allow you to move easily. Moisture-wicking shirt or tank tops are great. It’s a party, so feel free to have a little fun with your outfit. 


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