Master Jones is a 5th Degree Black Belt and has been a student of Karate since 1987. Today, he shares his passion and the art of Karate with students who are as young as the age of four. Kid's Karate classes emphasize and develop qualities such as respect, courtesy, discipline, focus and goal setting through traditional Karate. Proper technique is established and reinforced through fun games and activities. Kids Karate fosters a unique atmosphere where young people can unleash their energy toward developing lifelong and worthwhile skills.

Adult, Middle School, Grade School and Kindergarten/ Pre-Kindergarten classes are also offered by Master Jones and the Sachem School of Self Defense. The mature student classes emphasize practical self-defense through traditional Karate. Students can expect to develop a deeper understanding of the art as well as the human body and the power that resides within it.

Karate is a Non-Member activity provided at an extra cost by Sachem Self Defense. Inquiries should be made to Master Russ Jones at 603.524.4780 or senseimrgj@gmail.com.

Class Schedule

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