What is Posture Class?- Posture Class is a body conditioning routine done on a mat which places emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core. Each hour consists of placing a high level of concentration on the positioning of your body in different poses.  Students learn to control muscular movement while keeping the body centered.  Precision focus on doing one particular and perfect movement at a time while breathing a full inhalation and complete exhalation combines a low impact workout with a high caloric burn

What are the Benefits of Posture Class?- Relaxation and concentration combined, appear to boost immunity levels, encourage emotional balance and clarity, increase fertility, relieve irritable bowel syndrome, lower blood pressure and other anti-inflammatory diseases related to stress and boost overall calmness.  The spinal health of your body will improve core functions as well as the entire core area of your body.

What to Bring:-Bolsters and blankets are provided but feel free to bring your own from home. You may be asked to remove your shoes, so wear socks or slippers if you are uncomfortable in bare feet. Wear something loose and comfortable. We recommend a notebook and pen for taking notes on certain exercises that benefit you most.

Fitness Level: Adaptive to all levels. Beginners welcome! 

Class Instructors

Liz Littell

John Eisner

Class Schedule