Muscle Up and Move

What is Muscle Up and Move?- Gentle strength training is mixed with cardio exercises that include core and balance work. The use of dumbbells, steps, straps and other equipment may be required. Each hour long class begins with a thorough warm-up, progresses into a comprehensive body workout inclusive of sit/ups, push-ups, step routines, lunges, dips and other resistance routines using your own bodyweight. Highly motivated instructors push you to the next level of fitness with lots of social support from classmates. Low impact on joints and intensity is self-monitored.

What are the Benefits of Muscle Up and Move?- This class is designed to tone your entire body, increase flexibility, raise your metabolism and improve your energy level. Trust us, it works!

What to Bring: Instructors will provide any equipment necessary prior to the beginning of class. We recommend comfortable workout attire. Normal tennis shoes, a water bottle and towel are encouraged. This is a popular morning class. Sign up is encouraged. Arrive early to reserve your space.

Fitness Level: Adaptive to all levels. Beginners welcome! Geared toward all fitness levels.


Liz Littell

Kristie Ennis

Mio Kerr

Class Schedule

Watch a Muscle Up and Move Class.