Total Body Strength

What is Total Body Strength?- It's just what it sounds like, a complete body workout combining stations or sets of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises. Spend a full hour circulating from one station to the next with intervals of high intensity reps lasting 30 seconds to 2 minutes followed by 30 to 60 seconds of rest and recovery. You can make it hard or make it count by doing max reps or focusing on your technique and form. Instructors lead the class through a proper warm up and cool down each session.

What are the Benefits of Total Body Strength?- Increase your overall strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and raise your metabolism with this circuit style training. Weight loss and flexibility will improve by adding this to any workout routine. The added benefits of low weight, high rep exercises consist of tighter, leaner muscles and improved overall health with less joint pain.

What to Bring: Instructors will provide any equipment necessary prior to the beginning of class. We recommend comfortable workout attire. Normal tennis shoes, a water bottle and towel are encouraged.

Fitness Level: Adaptive to all levels. Beginners welcome! Geared toward all fitness levels.