What is Yoga?- Yoga is a safe, non-aerobic form of exercise. Our club features a variety of classes and instructors schooled using the Vinyasa technique, meaning movements are synchronized to the breath. This style is sometimes also called Flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together. Our Hot Yoga class uses heat to increase an individual's flexibility in certain poses. Temple Yoga aims to develop strength, change your body and mind for the better, recharge your chakras and help you learn about your inner-self. Finally, Gentle Yoga is a popular class that places less strain on the joints while working to build core strength and flexibility. Please see our schedule for class times.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?- Practitioners of yoga experience improvements in flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, weight loss as well as many other physiological effects. Yoga is also known to release toxins, reduce stress, improve your mood and increase concentration. This low impact exercise is great for beginner to advanced yogis and anyone looking to focus the mind and calm the soul.

What to Bring: Yoga mats are available, but you are welcome to bring your own from home. Instructors will provide any equipment and blankets necessary prior to the beginning of class. Your instructor will need to see your body and the alignment of your bones to determine good form. Loose, comfortable attire is preferred over anything too baggy. Yoga is usually done barefoot. A water bottle and towel are encouraged.
Fitness Level: Adaptive to all levels. Beginners welcome! Geared toward all fitness levels.

Flow Yoga synchronizes each movement to your breath. Pressing out on an exhale and pulling back in with an inhale, a fluid body motion is created as you move through each asana or posture. Much like dancing, poses run together in a smooth and beautiful sequence. Flow Yoga is a wonderful avenue of expression for the human body that works to expand and challenge the mind.

Hot Yoga places the marriage of breath and movement in a heated environment so deeper expressions can be achieved in each posture. Room temperatures are set between 90* and 95* and serve as a much needed relief from the blustery cold winds of winter. Hot Yoga is a sanctuary of warmth and comfort for the body and the soul. 
Temple Yoga is a guided practice that celebrates the human body and spiritual mindfulness. Learning to love yourself inside and out, your instructor motivates and teaches you to look deeper into your heart and mind in order to reveal the beauty that lies within. Love life, and honor thy temple.

Gentle Yoga works to develop better body alignment through focus, breath work and encouragement. A deep and enriching class, Gentle Yoga awakens the body, mind and spirit. 


Amy Green

Gina McGuire

Heather Allen

Jen Schongalla

Joanie Barnett

Katie O’Connell

Manna Stark

Mio Kerr

Noel Bodwell

Russ Jones

Yoga Classes at The Fitness Edge in Meredith, NH

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