Our Staff

Gina McGuire

Gina is a Registered Nurse, holds a Bachelor of Science and earned her instructor’s certification from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). She is also a professional, motivational speaker, author, teacher and fitness instructor at The Fitness Edge, and a television/DVD presenter who considers herself the founder of The Human Body Fan Club!

Gina can be found leading a Dance Party class, Zumba, Power Tone, Step, Yoga or Meditation practice. In addition to being a high school teacher, she operates a business called The Bod Squad and speaks around the country on caring for your health. Gina has 4 children and lives in the Lake’s Region with her husband and family. She sums it all up by saying, “I love life!” 

Follow Gina’s blog filled with inspirational life thoughts: http://ginaemcguire.blogspot.com/ and get a copy of her new book, Are You Full of S.H.I.T. (Senseless, Harmful, Intrusive Thoughts)? Copies are available at the front desk. 

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