Our Staff

Jen Schongalla

Jen loves all kinds of yoga, from calming restorative practices to fiery sweaty vinyasa. She enjoys sharing yoga with anyone who is curious and describes yoga as an adventure to explore our inner landscapes and discover how they connect to the outer landscapes we navigate on a daily basis. She is fascinated with how breath tunes us into messages from our bodies and how it helps clear out the cobwebs that keep us stuck in our ruts and patterns.

Jen studied with Maureen Miller of Yoga NH for both her 200-hour and 500-hour certifications. Her practice and teachings are influenced deeply by the Ashtanga tradition, earth’s wisdom and natural cycles, her personal intuition and sense of wonder, FUN and also what she calls her “rather dorky enthusiasm”. Jen has taken workshops with David Williams, David Swenson and Sadie Nardini. She is a Reiki Level 3 and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Jen explains that, “Everyone I have practiced with or taught has also taught me, and they are part of my continual evolution. I am truly grateful for all my teachers.”

Off the mat, you can find Jen in the woods, running, hiking, sitting on a rock or hugging a tree. Yes, she really hugs trees. Occasionally she paddles the Pemi River or hangs out in a rural village in the Dominican Republic playing “red light green light,” learning Bachata and resilience. At other times, she is on her couch watching “Friday Night Lights” or digging in the garden with her plant-whispering husband.