Our Staff

Liz Rohdenburg

Liz has been teaching in the fitness industry for over a decade and dazzles students during Zumba at The Fitness Edge. Since 2008, she has infused her classes with energy, fun, and passionate dedication.

With a flare for high energy dance moves, Liz has developed a strong following of current members at the club. She leads students of all ages and genders through different eras and styles of music including Oldies, Hip-hop, Salsa, and many of those beloved 80’s jams. Probably the most fun you can have during a workout, Zumba will get your feet tapping and your heart pumping with Liz at the helm. Liz’s charisma on the floor and well developed choreography will prove that Zumba is adaptable to all fitness levels. She is glad to answer any questions you may have and welcomes members to stop by before or after class.