Our Staff

Tim Curry

Tim Curry has been a member of The Fitness Edge since 2009. He Graduated from the University of Maine in 1993 and became a high school history teacher and eventually settled in New Hampshire. He has coached nearly every high school sport from hockey to soccer, tennis, lacrosse, softball, baseball, rowing, football, and yes, cycling.

At the age of 14, Tim got his first job in a local bike shop and never looked back. He has enjoyed touring, racing and building bikes ever since. Today he commutes to work, as much as he can, and teaches spin at The Fitness Edge in an attempt to bring the joy of cycling indoors.

“Commuting by bicycle is an absolutely essential part of my day,” says Tim. “It’s mind-clearing, invigorating and relaxing. I get to go out and pedal through the Lakes Region twice a day, drink up the scenery around me and soak up the fresh air. It is the perfect beginning and ending to any day.